Heat Exchangers and Asbestos

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  1. Thought I'd put this here as it comes up from time to time.. tested the oval port HE woven fabric insulation and showed none found... so tarted up and going on that dokka.. could only find foil after drilling through case of square port so patching up and staying on Lola [​IMG]

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  2. The woven fabric is the asbestos had mine sent off and tested
  3. Our woven fabric came back as none found!. I know the seal at the end of the concertina bit was reported to have asbestos originally, perhaps yours got contaminated?

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  4. Where did you get it tested did you send it away ...my meshing was tested and came back as being chrysotile which is asbo .so I filleted it out and re crimped the casing ,I would get shot of it anyway.
  5. Sent a sample off to a lab for testing with one of the kits online. UKAS accredited lab so should be kosher.

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  6. Maybe if you are doing chemical tests you get a positive for the magnesium and silicon of asbestos... but that is close to VW AS41 case filings being magnesium, aluminium, silicon.. maybe chemical tests positive, but no fibres can be seen if you put it under the microscope.
    Maybe a chemical only test errs on the side of caution for legal reasons..
    Perhaps ask them to test some crusty crud scraped off the engine case too..

    Aasbestos is .. Mg3(Si2O5)(OH)4
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  7. So what did they say it was ?
  8. This...[​IMG]

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  9. But what is it ...They say N.A.D.I.S but what material do they it is ? I also had a reputable analysis and they said the material was asbo a worrying conflict .
  10. They were only testing for asbestos not to identify the material.. it was not any of the list at the bottom so NADIS.

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