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  1. Hi wanting to fit a new set of headlights on my 1600 1974 bay, any recommendations for the lights and any which may be brighter than the current ones at the moment, or just fitting brighter bulbs maybe.

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  2. Just change the bulbs and possibly the wiring to h4 which are brighter or get golf mk1 headlights which have h 4 bulbs In usually
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  3. I've bought new hella lamps and put 90w/100w blue tint bulbs in and by Christ they're bright

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  4. I fitted MK1 golf lights and Philips X-Treme Vision +130% bulbs
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  5. A lot of it will depend on the condition of the actual silver reflector part of the headlights you've currently got. If they've got original tungsten globe bulbs in, but the reflector is still good and clean and untarnished, then fitting H4 bulbs can make a difference. I bought a couple of plastic adaptor rings off ebay, and now standard H4 bulbs fit nicely (I believe you can get 'special' H4 bulbs from all the usual suppliers that have the appropriate lugs to fit stock headlight bowls, but it does tie you to always buying special ones). On the other hand, if your reflector part of the headlight is beyond doing it's job properly, then nice new H4 bulbs ain't gonna make much of a difference and I hear good things about the Mk 1 Golf units.
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  6. Is there a difference between mk1 Golf Hella units and normal bus Hella units?
  7. Honestly, I've no idea! But I'm going to make a stab at the fact anything made specifically for our buses tends to carry a premium price tag, where perhaps items made for a Mk 1 Golf might be a more reasonable cost. That's pure supposition on my part, could be totally untrue in actual fact, and I may be doing VW T2 suppliers a huge dis-service :rolleyes:
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  8. Cheers thanks for that.

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