Headlights, chrome rings etc

Discussion in 'Panels, seals, doors etc' started by bluerustybucket, May 22, 2015.

  1. depends on if your bus is 3 screw or single screw headlight ....if its had a new panel or is later than 73 then its single screw and you can fit the golf ones ..
  2. I have them on Ted (although they were cheaper from GSF) They make a MAHOOOOSIVE difference to the lighting, you can actually see where you're going!
    Ted @ Volksfest.jpg

    But either Stainless, OE or (strangely) plastic chrome rims, ALL the others will rust before you're eyes.
    This is after 3 months of the SUMMER!
  3. Its a single screw, and its had a new front panel, looks like PO had one single screw and one three screw bodged in but they have lost most of the chrome from inside the units
  4. on the GSF website you have too choose the vehicle, and they don't list these, im gussing they are from a golf but which one ?

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