Hazard to shipping.

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  1. An advance warning - we are heading to west Cornwall next Saturday - I am taking my surfboard and will pose a hazard to shipping as I flounder around in a tiny swell.

    I will inform the authorities - you may even be able to track me on that shipping tracker thing - I’m almost certainly going to make the local news.

    I can’t wait...
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  2. Baysearcher

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    The Cornish thought you were going last weekend, hence the sign above the A38 reading “Turn around and f**k off”!
  3. Don't worry - the Border Agency will spot you and take you back to France.
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  4. Is Cornwall open? They may say it is then pastie production could rise quite a lot and people just disappear.
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  5. Are you taking some Ket with you?
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  6. yup they’ve got the pitchforks out!!
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  7. Far out man..,

    The ocean is my Ket.

    When you’re in the green room - I get all
    My shakras aligned and I come out ready for the paddle out for next set to come in.

    ( in real life, spend ages paddling out the back, too knackered to paddle for wave, get sunburnt nose then BS about toes on the nose to anyone who’ll listen when in reality I only caught one wave and fell off instantly)

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    Last time we went I remember Caro asking how it was. Your response: “Drowny”!
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  9. yeah - I meant ‘super stoked’
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  11. Went out to turn off the battery..

    Put my foot through the bottom of the 48 year old plywood dinghy...

    Just carried on, floated a lot lower, but the design has big buoyancy tanks.

    Thats the beach. The plywood section remained as a flap stopping most of the water..
    . 20200712_163159.jpg

    Didnt stop me going for a sail even though I made the hole as I stepped in as I set off from the slipway. 20200712_163752.jpg
  12. Leaning to sail is my no 1 thing to do if I ever get any spare time..
  13. Learning to dinghy sail was going to be my midlife crisis a few years ago... got as far as enquiring at the local sailing club.... then bought the camper instead :)
    I'll do it one day
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  14. Sailing is a wonderful pastime i used to do a bit with uncle Trev The Somali Pirate!
  15. you cant beat a day on the water ... still haven't got out this year (had the engine and other stuff in bits) ... this was on the way to Poole last summer. P8130059.JPG
  16. Don’t forget your Dr Zoggs Surf Wax.
    It helps you get up, and stay up!
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  17. Do it. Do it now! :D
    I did my RYA level 1 last year after putting it off and putting it off..... should have done it years ago :thumbsup:
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  18. Dazza

    Dazza Eyebrow not high brow

    I’m going surfing a week today..

    Watching my daughter having her first lessons .. I wouldn’t even dare to even go as far as seeing if they had a wetsuit for the fuller figure
  19. That sounds kinda familiar.

    And the battling through endless breakers and pulling your tether to get your board back just when the next one hits you in the back of the neck.

    Then just giving up and hoisting yourself back on your belly just glad for a free ride back to warm up.

    Did my RYA competent crew off the Essex coast somewhere in June.
    Wasn’t very warm. Dodging containers and endlessly tacking back and forth for about a 100 yards progress.
    The instructor wasn’t really that bothered what we did as he had his hands full already. Of the third student’s tits mostly.
    Still, we got our certificates at the end.

    Much more fun in the Med in a huge bay off Mallorca. Until about an hour in and you’re sunburnt and a bit bored of pulling the odd rope now and then.

    And that sea, it’s a dangerous place to muck about in.


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