Hayelp - urgent please!

Discussion in 'Mech Tech' started by CollyP, Aug 2, 2019.

  1. on my way to Keith’s field.

    From not too far from home, I started getting smoke out of the vents.

    Had this before when had a slight oil leak (onto exchangers I suppose).

    Van recently had an oil change so could have been spilt then.

    Oil in van.
    No oil under van.
    No smoke outside van or engine bay.

    Should I keep going?
    Will it catch fire?
    Will it burn off.

    Advise needed please.
  2. Mine does it all the time from oil leaking onto the heat exchangers. It's extremely unlikely to catch fire as the volume is small and burns off quickly. The smoke comes out of the vents and there's barely a trace on the floor.
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  3. B2B0DCE4-EFC4-40CB-A40B-BDCACD421B33.jpeg

    Rather a lot of oil on offside heat exchanger.
  4. davidoft

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  5. I can’t see any drips from cover to HE.
    It’s very wet tho.
  6. Check your dipstick col fa level and how hot your getting . Can you shut your vents ? Like you say may have spilt quite a bit when he filled up or rocker gasket might be leaking ? Push rod seals ? How far away are you ?
  7. Also wipe it all off !!
  8. Can you see any gushes from the pushrod tube seals? Can only really be those or the rocker cover on that side.
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  9. I must say @CollyP, that's a very "Penelope Pitstop" style of shouting for help!:rolleyes:
    Are you hoping for the Ant hill Mob to appear??o_O
    Is there something your wanting to tell us???:eek:
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  10. all the way home again!
    would love to
    can't see any leaks at all.

    Right; I've driven the old girl home surrounded by the stench of thankfully unburnt oil and despair!
    I can't see how bad it has become and there were vehicles whistling past my rather large earholes.
    will inspect it tomorrow.
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  11. I do love a good hayelp - it was indeed in the style of PP!
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  12. Dick Dastardly has him and Lady Penelope is trying to help :eek:
  13. I hope the general doesn't reach down the phone and take my medals away!
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  14. Dick Dastardly AKA @Barry Haynes?
    Mind you, there is a resemblance!!
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  15. Havnt you gota torchy boy ?
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  16. too late now. do it tomorrow.
  17. Who did oil change ? Is drain done up? Did oil changer tip oil in wrong side ? Was oil on your dip stick when you looked?
  18. driving at night is cooler :D
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  19. Hmm west London contingent not doing that well for Keith's field good luck in the morning.
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  20. Cheers Andy!

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