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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by 72wilma, Mar 4, 2014.

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    You would have to pay road tax on it now though. But to cancel it out you won't have to pay the thirteen pence a litre hike in fuel duty they snook in unannounced starting March next year
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    Is that increase on domestic fuel like heating oil or is it just road use fuel
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    Its on road fuel only , i believe that theres a possibility of domestic gas and electricity being increased by 30% in March 2023
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    Thanks for that I was getting worried it was
    A £1000 for a tank of heating oil last fill we could do with it not rising in price anymore
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    You’d need a lot of it to wrap a whole brasserie though. Very generous present mind. Think I might buy a small gastro pub for my better half :thumbsup:
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    Blimey, I thought @Barry Haynes was quiet.
    I see now that he's playing for Spain in the world cup!

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    Lol :)
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    The Northants Police facebook page is the gift that keeps on giving, the comments are eye wateringly funny:D
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