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  1. Not quite a picture...

    If anyone is having difficulty working out these new Covid rules, I’ve broken them down for you...

    You can meet hundreds of people at workor school you can brush shoulders, pick their nosesand lick their face if you wish?!But don’t meet more than 6 of these people in leisure time as the virus has mutated

    It now only infects you if there’s 7 or more people in a group and you’re chilling out It can not infect you at school or work, because it’s scared of the huge crowds of people

    You can still go to a pub where you are in an enclosed building breathing in everyone’s germs because Covid doesn’t drink so it doesn’t go to the pub of course

    But scientists have discovered that Covid is quite partial to your parents or friendsgarden⚘or house or in the open air where social distancing is very easy!

    In fact, this is so riskythat councillors are probably sat round a table in the local pub, discussing the closure of them right now!
    It’s still ok for you to cram into tourists spots as long as only 6 of you come at once, because 7 might tip it over the edge and make Covid sad

    But you are alright until Monday because the Virus must be still on Holiday
    Think that should clear things up!
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  2. nik


  3. Don't forget - don't go near your granny! It's perfectly alright to discharge elderly folk with Covid back into care homes, tho'.

    They have completely lost the plot.
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  4. 2020-09-11 15.32.21.jpg
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  6. [​IMG]

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  8. Or this . . .
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  10. [​IMG]

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  11. this did the rounds about three or four months ago.
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    I'd never need anything like that, Ms.T knows what I buy :rolleyes: .......................................................................................

    eventually. :thinking:
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    Seems fair, after all it's only the lower classes who get this type of disease.

  14. Don't forget the lower classes are allowed to play football! 22 players, 2 linesmen and a ref all charging around a field. Presumably the foul language keeps the virus at bay!
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  15. Owned by the mega rich.
  16. The only thing rich about our local village team is their language!
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