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  1. [​IMG]

    Posted this in the joke thread in error. Couldn’t from the chuckle thread
  2. So this is how bats pee :lol:

  3. I showed this to my 4 year old before bath time and he thought it was hilarious.

    Fast forward an hour or so and he can’t sleep in this heat, but I’ve just spotted the local bats doing loops of our garden feeding off the fruit flies... he loved seeing real ones in the garden!
  4. Public travel is risky. You never know what you're going to expose yourself to!
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  5. I hadn't noticed on my small cracked phone screen...you must have zoomed in.
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  6. Fortunately, I have “NipAlert” on my phone...
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  7. I didn't realise she was Japanese!
  8. Half a nip at best, pretty harmless I’d say.
  9. It’s gone!

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  10. 117391343_1158326057868490_8204914372353241530_n.jpg
  11. 117867278_10157732701681094_2316068929578782372_o.jpg
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  12. .[​IMG]

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  15. You do know they’re not all on the take don’t you? I don’t know what the proportion is but many are fleeing conflicts and have paid criminal gangs way over the odds to get to what they believe is a place of safety. Still, I’ll keep that hilarious pic in mind if I ever have to do the same :rolleyes:
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