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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by 72wilma, Mar 4, 2014.

  1. Why is this crap allowed?
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  2. That roof rack looks a bit dodgy!
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  3. When you see it.....!
  4. Hulk.png
  5. E099F62B-9C1B-4F07-AAB1-C3075C23419E.jpeg
    Over did the yeast on this Bread loaf :D
  6. she actually says "I've heard many arguments on both sides, some say he's a racist, some say he's a hero, I haven't personally met him". it's gotta be a joke hasn't it. I phoned Churchill a month ago and all I got was some lousy car insurance
    Screenshot 2020-06-15 at 12.02.33.png
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  7. She is correct :D
  8. So true ;)
  9. That does make you despair for humanity...
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  10. jivedubbin

    jivedubbin Moderator

    I'm deeply despaired ,every day
  11. Seriously ??
    Leader of the Independant Police Advisory Service ??
    If that`s a bona-fida reaction to an interview she should be sacked - how do these people get jobs FFS ??

    Must have been doing her nails in history ...

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  12. No worse than the far right guy who relieved himself next to the policeman's memorial "who went to London to defend statues" but didn't know which statues ... 16 pints I'd have been spewing at 6
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  13. Me too .
    I don`t read the papers anymore , don`t get involed in social media , turn off the TV when the news starts and just catch the odd news programme on R4 / world service who report the facts .
    Sometimes it`s better just knowing the salient points of any news without the drama .

    Many will mock but i really find it`s just sensationist journalism trying to find an angle on the same old sheeet .

    Another scrote but he`s not being paid silly money for being basically stupid .

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  14. I don't think "competence" is a requirement for these jobs.
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  15. Coming out with that on a major news interview puts it all in perspective - intelligence not required .

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  16. I've only just recovered from Dawn Butler telling us that babies are born without a biological sex.

    Where do they get these people from?
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  17. I thought this was a chuckle photo thread.
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