Have a chuckle at the random photo thread

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by 72wilma, Mar 4, 2014.

  1. Help save the planet ,convert your old fridges :D

  2. FB_IMG_1569430962975.jpg
  3. FB_IMG_1569431092447.jpg
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  4. Stop it, Baz :). You’ll upset someone...
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  5. That’s clearly photoshopped.

    I’m sure that’s a pic of Mr Kane from the sleeve of a mucky video!
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  7. [​IMG]

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  11. ron


  12. No dog would ever think that. Their brains are only wired to handle food and walkies.
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  14. Lol. How true.
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    Looking for a gift for the folliclly challenged in your family or circle of friends?

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  17. Oi
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    Baz, no where did I mention you but if the cap fits, etc.

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