Have a chuckle at the random photo thread

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by 72wilma, Mar 4, 2014.

  1. coat!
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  2. :(
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  3. Managed to get all the dirty stuff into the dishwasher!
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  4. ABA4EEBF-25EC-40D4-934D-93B5952A35E8.jpeg
  5. May contain yel low snow

  6. Thought my beagle was bad! Good way to wash the dog though

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  7. :)[/QUOTE]
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  8. Screenshot_2019-02-18-22-02-08.png ouch! That is going smart a little
  9. 274F08CA-5786-44DF-BC42-F48DDAE0546A.jpeg
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  10. [​IMG]

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  11. After a long search Snotty managed to find a new outfit to match his wife’s .:eek: D731ACC9-5210-4C16-8A73-26C7A37ECEFC.jpeg
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  12. Not a photo, but a funny video
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  13. 24DEA9B4-6602-4307-BBD5-4600D6252632.jpeg
  14. Dead heat in the Zepplin race;)
  15. You deffinately would though ;)
  16. Your the one wearing it!
    I thought you may have gone for a shorter skirt to be honest though!!
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  17. 7B3BAE06-C15F-40D1-B53B-FB8D7D8B13E7.jpeg

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