Hathersage outside swimming pool

Discussion in 'Derbyshire' started by bekyip, Aug 3, 2012.

  1. hello we've been here today if it's busy arrive 30 mins before the session to queue up outside. Free on street and a few free vanpark spaces + pay an display. cafe and tennis courts and nice playground round the back of the pool.


  2. Thanks for the info. You can't beat a good lido Swim! This has been on our radar for a while, must get up there before it gets too chilly.
  3. got one in the garden...;)
  4. Looks fantastic.....great history too.Pardon my ignorance but is it uncommon to have outdoor public swimming pools?Due to weather I suppose...
  5. Hathersage is in North Derbyshire, its not common to have outdoor swimming pools in Derbyshire. A town called Alfreton had one years ago, that closed in the mid to late 80's
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  6. We have one up in Ilkley. I've never actually been to it but it's supposed to be bloody cold :D. Used to go to our local pool Stechford in Birmingham, had a lick and spent many an afternoon there in my early teens. There was one at Richmond baths as well even had a diving board, that was pretty nippy as well!

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