Has anyone used limebug moster engines?

Discussion in 'Modified Shizzle' started by Floki, Oct 7, 2015.

  1. I wondered what a ‘moster’ engine was – it’s most expensive.
    Have you considered a Subaru conversion?
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    Christ that's expensive!
  3. Yea I've looked at those
  4. You might be better off dealing with a builder. Your link shows a good deal of parts, but I see no mention of the all important cam.
    One has to be very careful buying a T1 engine as 99.9% of them are specced for a bug not a van.
    I built a 2020cc bug engine for my bus (as it turns out). I had a call from the chap I sold it to yesterday - he's installed it in a Beetle with a 1300 gearbox. He says it takes about 10 seconds to accelerate from 45mph to 100mph in 4th (I didn't ask him what rpm this is - I hope he has a rev counter). Apparently you might as well just pull off in 4th, he sounded happy when I spoke to him yesterday. He has video which I'll post up when I get through the email. :)

    I sold it with 3-4,000 miles on it, rolling roaded at 134HP peak power for £1750 and it didn't cost much more to build. I could build it again with all new parts for less than £2.5K so £6K sounds a bit over-specced with pointless parts to me.

    @paulcalf has a great T1 bus engine.
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  5. ^
    So now I'm building a 2.4L T4 engine for my bus. We're expecting £140+HP but with much more torque than the T1 202cc. Starting from scratch - no engine parts or tin etc whatsoever. It'll come in at about the same price - £2.5K max - that's turnkey with powder coated tins and fan housing, second hand std exhaust system, I already have carbs and filters, but not manifolds or linkage. Everything bar the carbs and filters were obtained for this build from the £2.5K budget.
  6. thats only the base price as well ......

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