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  1. ...Avagadro's number? I thought I'd put it in my phone, but it's not there.
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  2. Sorry, no, but I know where you can find Josephson's junction :thumbsup:
  3. Isn't that just outside Clapham?
  4. I have Ava Gardner’s number somewhere, Frankie gave it me if it’s any use to you Snots. Failing that I’ve got an Avocado going spare. I think it’s a few weeks past it’s sell by, but you’re welcome to have it if you don’t mind the stomach cramps and projectile vomiting that goes with it.
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  6. Ha, found it in the back of a ...ahem.... special interest publication. Just dial Toll Free 0800 AVAGADRO for frank mathematical chat.
  7. Must be an age thing Snotts :rolleyes:
  8. That number will only get you through to his hypothesis though.
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  9. Is that his made up secretary?
  10. Found it!

    He's on 602 2140 7600 0000 0000 0000 0. Don't forget the +39 if you're calling from outside Italy.
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  11. There’s lots of avocados in Lidl, but not sure the exact number of them
  12. Yes I remember now, I counted them. There were 6.022 * 10 to the power 23 avocados in Lidl’s :thumbsup:
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  13. Hypothetically yes
  14. Waitrose, darling. Waitrose.
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  15. Don't bother, it's CONSTANTly engaged.
    Try Euler instead.
    He'll be more useful to you if you want to get onto a carbon dating site
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    This was near Almogordo if that helps.


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