Harry and Megan?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Poptop2, Jan 12, 2020.

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    Any thoughts?
  2. Yes
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    I read someone say she must be overwhelmed by spending her life attending functions in fancy dress and not being able to go down the pub for a swift one before hand
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  5. Who?

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  6. When they started telling people to reduce their carbon footprint but at the same time were seen to be taking loads of private flights with their celebrity mates they lost the public. She wasn't some naive 20 something when she married into the royal family, was this part of her game plan from the start?
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  7. I think it was their plan from the start. Harry and Meghan are young and modern and clearly don't want to be stifled by royal rules and protocols. Harry was born into the Royal family and will always be a Royal by birth. Harry has experienced the ups and downs of being a royal and doesn't want a life stuck in that institution as he called it.

    Good luck to them I say. They are not hard up and would always be supported by Charles and would not need a state handout.

    Harry has shown he is his own man and wants a near normal family life. Good on him.
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  8. Terrordales

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    Who cares?
    Put the lot of them up against a wall and shoot them.
    The Bolsheviks had the right idea.
  9. Who cares indeed! I don’t care!
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  10. after Brexit comes Megxit ...
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  11. Don’t really care.
    They are just add ons now Williams had a son
    If they had just done it no one would of noticed but they decided to do this big attention seeking announcement.
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  12. Dubs

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    Let em get on with it I say!

    Although, is this really their choice, or is it a handy distraction from the pedo prince? Or is the monarchy pushing them away for not toeing the line?

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  13. I think they’ve been used as a smokescreen for Prince Andrew and his antics with that American guy, media attention and all that!
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  14. Quite like the Royal family, but it needs thinning out a bit ( lot ).
    Certainly most shouldn't be financed from the public purse.
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  15. Ok, I will say this, the whole business just flags up once again what a scum press we have. Be a good little royal and toe the line according to some nonsense parameters that we have dreamed up, and you’ll be ok. Do anything different and there’ll be the kind of unedifying feeding frenzy we see now. 170+ innocent people were shot out of the sky a few days ago but that hardly matters when the country’s hacks can wet their collective knicks over the Windsors instead. That suggests to me that there is something massively askew in the world. Probably always been that way, but that doesn’t make it right.
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  16. Baysearcher

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    They’re some of the normal ones. Could this be the beginning of the end?
    Given the choice of the Paedo Prince or Harry; I know which I’d rather represent the country!
  17. + 1 on that Mr Tatty - the press have a lot to answer for with their skewed take on `newsworthy` .
    I stopped `taking ` the papers many years ago ...

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  18. Scum press indeed. Harry saw how badly the press and royals treated his mum. Recently the press were at it again attacking them and criticizing their every move. Harry has made the right decision to get out now.
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  19. Can't beat a bit of moral outrage the scum press serve up what sells, basics of economics supply and demand ... given levels of poverty both in this and other countries I think the Royal family have too much money ... I'm afraid this move by these two looks to be exploiting their status to cash in either further, that'll do nicely sir, would you like your Sussex Royal head scarf as modelled earlier by Megs gift wrapped ... Kerching. Matters such as the Iran situation always get less headline attention, despite how much closer it potentially brings the world to another conflict, because to some they are less interesting affairs.
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