Happy Birthday 1973daisey

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  1. God no there is a lot of bloomin work to get them this low sneak peak [​IMG]

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  2. "Scraaaaaaape!" .... Air for the sleeping policemen?
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  3. Happy birthday from Tufty.
    All the best Nick :thumbsup:
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    Happy birthday Simon! Are you celebrating with Carling and Prosecco? :)
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  6. Happy birthday :burp:
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  7. Nice! Did you get around to raising the engine, we were talking about it at Techenders last April?
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  8. It’s nice that the wheels are straight. I think it looks pants when the wheels are at an angle
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  9. :burp:Cheers!
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  10. Happy Birthday fella.
    Hope you've had a good one.
  11. Happy Birthday.

    Have an amazing year of camper adventures
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  12. I most certainly did 6” I recon and gearbox 3” had to tweak the linkage I’ll put a thread up soon for this [​IMG]

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  13. Yeah with 3 1/2” horse shoe plates and 2” adjustable spring plates I had to get every mm I could

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  14. Happy Belated Burpday, Si.

    PS, the build is looking good.
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  15. Happy Birthday Si .:thumbsup:
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  16. Have a good one!
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  17. :cheers::cheers::D
    Bloody hell Si, types this out yesterday morning but it didn't send.
    Sorry bud, hope you had a good one...our love N&M xx
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  18. Happy Birthday, Si
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