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  1. AA44B4CC-A88E-4B76-BC75-BAD0D8160FCA.jpeg Can anyone decipher what these bits are please

    Thinking they are mostly roof related...
    Out of an early Danbury
  2. Did you find them in Bazza's 'special' cellar? :eek:
  3. The white plastic thing in the middle covers the metat strip just behind the front door at roof.. like this one but I think that's for the other side.. level...[​IMG]

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  4. Poptop2

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    I think the white u shaped cups are for the roof bunk bar.

    The split pins on the chain ring a bell. I had a early Danbury 40 years ago, but can’t remember what they were for. Possibly something to do with the roof stays?
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  5. Front cab bunk?

  6. Found a picture this morning of the ushape things ;) - What did the bunk rest on to the outside? (ushape holders were towards the middle of the roof)

    The pins - There is a central point where two stabiliser bars fold down from the roof - Maybe they are pinned in place through the base of the poles? Does that ring any bells?

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  7. Cool Ta!
  8. Yep chains are roof stays
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  9. Ta Barry.

    What about the stick thing then? Some sort of pivot for something inside the van?
  10. Not sure looks like the key that winds up @crossy2112 old pacemaker:p:p
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  11. Poptop2

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    Similar cups I think. I could take my bunks out, so I guess they had them both sides.
  12. I think it's the key to his wallet. Pretty rusty, as you can see.
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