Greetings from across the pond! This is Grace, a 1978 ASI Riviera. I'm new to the forum

Discussion in 'Show Us Your Ride' started by Blake412, Apr 5, 2020.

  1. Thanks CollyP - and where exactly is Hamptonia? I googled it and came up with Iowa, but I bet that's not right...
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  2. Nice bus.
    Best colour as well :thumbsup:
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  3. Oooooh that’s rather lovely

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  4. Thank you, and I'm plugged into the FB page now, thanks to your reminder!
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  5. Thanks!
  6. Hi and welcome from sunny but rather quiet North Yorkshire.

    Nice bus!
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  7. Thanks Tufty, and Guernsey looks absolutely beautiful!
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  8. Thank you Day! Here in Atlanta we don't have ANYTHING like the Alps, but we're very proud of Stone Mountain, the world's largest block of granite.
  9. Thank you, Art! ;)
  10. How long ago did you have the swap-out done? And looking back now, are you glad that you did it?
  11. Thanks Pudelwagen - I'm glad for the map links, as I'm having to look on the links to see where ya'll all live. :rolleyes:
  12. bernjb56

    bernjb56 Administrator

    I’ve had it a couple of years. It’s a subject of some controversy on here but it suits me. If I had to justify the cost, that’s another question entirely.
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  13. Welcome aboard :thumbsup:

    Suprisingly few on here from `across the pond ` so a special welcome from SW That London - quite close to @CollyP who is living the dream in Hamptonia :D
    Don`t be too alarmed at the humour ...

    It`s just ..... different :)

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  14. :lol: Greece is our dream place to live, we love it there. We live in Nottinghamshire, on the edge of Old Sherwood Forest.
  15. CAA6F532-0453-4151-A5F0-92D91E20AB7F.jpeg

    When @Lasty says the humour is different he means “not funny”. Also, please note there is a ‘u’ in humour!! :)
  16. Or should I say “two Us”
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  17. Isn`t that a scouse `happy Birthday - to you ` ??

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  18. As I said. Not funny! :)
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  19. So I am appropriately schooled. Thank youu! ;)
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  20. Welcome and thanks for showing that beautiful bus.
    I am in Oregon and found the forum searching for things for my bug. Really enjoy the chatter and characters on here and they let me join.
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