Great Langdale

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  1. The famous hills

  2. One for the Calendar I think
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  3. The National Trust Campsite


    Before the rains came...
  4. Great pics. Coniston was the first lake in the lake I was taken to as a nipper on a school trip. Love it round there.
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    Love Great Langdale :thumbsup:
  6. Great site and open all year round
  7. Love it there. Probably going to be up there in July for a lads weekend.

  8. Great colours in your photo - did you use a filter or was it just the sunlight?
  9. I used a polarising filter to lighten the photo up because the sky was a bit grey. So I took several shots and this was the best.
  10. Nice photos, the fifth one down is Raven Crag rock climbed there many times.
  11. me too ,looks sweet...:hattip:
  12. Going here in a couple of weeks. Can't wait!
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  13. What’s the cost approx of staying here?
  14. Was 17 notes a tent:eek: at National Trust site in April. There's another site at Chapel Stile a couple of miles back down dale. Can park up over night at the other National Trust car parks.@kimblesblue
  15. Yeah I imagined it would be expensive! I saw the Chapel stile site but was worried it might be full as no advanced bookings but with the price difference I might just risk it!
  16. Biiiiig couple of fields at Chapel. No shelter though.
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  17. If I'm not mistaken Raven Crag with Middlefell Buttress running up the centre.
  18. Personally, I love baysbrown farm campsite at Chapel Stile. I was there this weekend. Super hot and sunny weather had been forecast all week, and being the start of school holidays I expected it to be very busy.
    There are no reservations at bays brown, it’s first come first served and camp where you choose. There was plenty of space at 2pm Friday, much less by 6pm and it was full for Saturday arrivals.
    £10 per person per night. No EHU. Toilets and showers are adequate but not luxurious.
    Walking from Chapel Stile is exceptional. Good Pubs nearby but all had queues! I love it here
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