Great British Campout - Peterborough

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  1. Anyone going to this? It's just up the road from me and I fancy a nights camping, I've never met a TLB'er in the flesh and I'm beginning to think the whole thing is actually one bloke in a lockup somewhere near Basingstoke with a massive bank of computers :)
  2. We were at the Norfolk VW fab fest, did you do to camp out was it any good ?
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    Damn we've been found out
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    We did and arranged to meet @Fruitcake there but never actually met up as he kindly sent me his mobile number. :)

    Unfortunately, although he sent me the correct numbers ........he didn't actually put them in the right order for me. :eek:

    It was a very low key affair but we really enjoyed meeting up with @3TNC . :)
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