Gorse dying

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  1. Anyone else noticed gorse bushes dying and gone brown ..no yellow flowers . Really hit Derbyshire badly .
    I was walking up from Hollinsclough to Chrome Hill and it's all completely brown ..a hardy shrub too, should be used to hard frosts they have been growing up that way for years .
    I don't know if the gorse has suffered up Scotland and on the Welsh coastline between Aberystwyth and Fishguard .
    It grows in abundance around Southwold region too, anyone from that area noticed ?
  2. We’ve not got the same amount of Bluebells blossoming around us, far fewer than last year.

    Our lawn is drier than ever and needs a good water, again last year it was in far better condition.
  3. April is supposed to be about rain, but hasn't been this year. I've never had an empty water butt in April before, or indeed needed to use it.
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  4. Think bluebells will come out a bit later when it rains ...if it does . The sheep around here have just about cropped the grass down to the soil ,usually the grass is growing big time .
  5. Not too dissimilar to last year the weather mind
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  6. I hope so, i think we’re going to have a walk down the woods see if they are any better sometime this afternoon
  7. Bluebells doing ok at chez Betty the Bay.[​IMG]

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  8. Down here in South Hampshire, it snowed a bit but has not rained since the start of April. It is too dry already.
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  9. Bluebells here, disappointed to hear about the gorse though
  10. Think they are the Italian variety ...more of a lighter blue and taller .
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  11. Just been walking to the local bluebell wood near us and they are just starting to come out .
    We walked to the same place last year and they were fully out on mass ....and that date was 6th May and if you remember it was quite dry then on lockdown . Oh and by the way Mark when are you fitting parachutes to the rear of your bus to slow you down with that scooby :D
  12. Definitely think it's more about drought than late frosts - frost isn't uncommon at this time of year, but as @mikedjames says, we've not had a drop of rain this month down here. The bluebells in the woodland at work are coming through now that the daffs are dying off, but I didn't notice any gorse when I was out with the dog this morning on the New Forest. I'll look closer when I drive across to work in the morning. Strange weather indeed - but this is the UK - there will be payback for a gorgeously sunny April, you just know it!
  13. I can confirm that the bluebells are just coming out down Moorgreen...


    I ought invest in a parachute, just to be on the safe side or not drive too fast or as an alternative, different stopping power :thinking: :lol:
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  14. Just read up on Gorse and they are vulnerable to frost ....which i thought they weren't , but they regenerate from the bottom ...fires which could easily take on dry gorse would probably benefit the shrub .
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  15. Did all my chassis welding around this time last year, as it was so warm and dry. Didn’t have this SE wind, though...
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  16. English or Italian invaders?
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  17. Bank holiday weekend coming up.
    But a number of years ago, we went to Croyde in the vans, and going across the moors, people were snowboarding.
    It could snow again yet...
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  18. D6CA6A67-27C8-4548-95B4-7CD7EBA264A5.jpeg
    Good bluebells in the local wood up here in the north.
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  19. It's a 1930's house with woods behind.
    I lived in the area as a child... we often picked bluebells for our mums ( sometimes with the bulbs) I think ours must have arrived that way.
  20. Here’s the TLB Gorse Bush picture report from East Boldre New Forest :)
    C3AD0EE5-7E73-4E44-825E-D0A177C14D32.jpeg 85FDB5A4-781C-4584-94CA-D16D34D515AE.jpeg
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