Goredale Scar Campsite, near Malham - still accepting vans

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  1. I've been camping at Goredale Scar campsite for over 15 years.

    I haven't been for a few years, but I went last weekend.

    I'm sure i'd read in a thread on here that it was no longer accepting vans.

    Anyway Goredale Scar campsite is still accepting vans and is still as strange as ever.

    Great Views, great location, small stream running through the campsite.
    An amazingly 'eccentric' campsite owner who likes to recycle as much as possible.
    Toilet and shower are not suitable for clean freaks!
    Small campsite that can get really busy at weekends.
    Loads of Duke of Edinburgh people, didn’t cause any problems
    Two pubs are a shortish walk away over in Malham
    Malham cove has Peregrine Falcons and we also saw some Kestrels over Goredale Scar.
    Not far from Settle, a pretty market town

    This is the view from the camper, this was before the massive storm that almost lifted the van off the ground!

  2. Lovely site near two great pubs, had a great TLB camp one year.
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  3. bernjb56

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    And it has Malcolm :thumbsup:
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  4. We went for a week this summer too. Beautiful place and the largest collection of used disposable BBQ you'll see for a long time.

    Collect old BBQ and busted inflatable bed
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  5. Made my own way to Gordale Scar a couple of weeks ago. Absolutely amazing campsite. Funny how the Google maps reviews call the owner (Malcolm?) a bit of a womble. He actually seems to put a lot of effort into clearing up any crap that 'the everyday folk leave behind'. [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]

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  6. I was there the other week, not camping just walking.

    Had a quick chat with Malcolm about his recycling!
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  7. I like his seemingly random pricing system. He may be odd to some, but his heart is in the right spot.
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  8. We asked him how much it was these days, he started to give us one price then as we mentioned the camper van he then just said a tenner.......probably
  9. We asked how much for me, my daughter and my van. He did some sums in his head, that took a minute or so and said £8
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  10. He obviously didn't like the look of me & the Mrs then!

    Who says having kids is expensive. Your daughter has just saved you £2!
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  11. :D

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