Goodwood Revival - Chichester - 16-18th Sept 2011

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  1. Anyone getting their gladrags on and heading to Goodwood Revival?
    (i know its still two wks away, but i am on the computer now, next week i shall probably be fixing something thats broken!)
  2. A lot of us will be at Dubs in the (new) forest - Have a great time .. the revival is such good fun
  3. I'll be there! Last year went as a US 101st para, not sure if dressing up this year as poorly engine is going to take all my cash over the next few months!

    Want to though its such a laugh. Was too late to camp unfortunately, they were out of space.
  4. I was starting to think it was just me goin!
    There will be a small group of us there camping all weekend.
    Dubster, you there just for a day or the whole shebang?
    Know what you mean about poorly engines - only got mine back from the engineers and in the bus last week after a rebuild due to it breaking (100m from home right at the start of holiday!)! :-
  5. There the Saturday and Sunday but having to stay at a mates cousins near by as couldn't get the camping.

    Was going for the whole weekend but booked Lee Evans on the Friday night when yellow snowed and didnt realise the dates clashed lol.

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