FREE GONE Parts left over from diesel heater fitting

Discussion in 'Non Late Bay Classifieds' started by PeaSoup, Jun 10, 2021.

  1. Are these of any use to anyone? Left over from fitting my diesel heater.

    Free to a good home if you can collect from Kidlington, Oxford (OX5), or I can take to Techenders tomorrow.

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  2. Hi. Could I take these please. If you could give them to either @Baysearcher or @scrooge95 at techenders please. That would be ace. Thank you.
    Do you support a charity? Happy to make a donation as a thank you.
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  3. OK - consider them yours!

    Any preference which of the two I give them to? I have other things for Sarah anyway!
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  4. I've just spoken to Sarah, she said you had chairs for her. I doubt Doug will be upset if Sarah brings them back for me.
    Thank you, let me know who's charity tin I can throw some money in on your behalf.
    Thanks again.
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