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  1. Hi traveling to Cornwall on friday, from suffolk, if we were to have a problem or a breakdown is there any garages or local people we might call on for help please, just nice to have a few contacts if we get stuck, in the rac but knowledge is key and not all garages like to work on our lovely campers. Also any nice places to stop on route or areas for a bit of wild camping once there, thanks Lynne & Gary
  2. You may want to click on this link and see Dean_butler post

  3. I think it's mainly Devon but he may have gone into Cornwall
  4. Hi thanks for that I had just read that thread before I posted mine, looks like they had a great adventure. Lynne
  5. I'm in Cornwall mate, just 2minutes off the A30 in Bodmin. If you need to stop for a Brew/Toilet Stop/Garage Pit Stop or anything then by all means feel free to pop in!
    Got plenty of tools and a few bits and bobs laying around, along with my Bentley manual we should be ok! :)

    I can also supply Doom Bar if you drink beer! :)
  6. Hi that's great can you pm your details phone number so we can ring you if we can't get Internet, thanks Lynne
  7. I'm in mid Cornwall on the south coast (Fowey)

    St Winnow campsite is almost wild camping, just a tap and portaloo and it's cheap


    right on the waters edge and you can have a fire

    it's padstow vintage rally this weekend, if you have something classic (a bay) you can get in and camp for free

  8. That sounds great can you just turn up on the Saturday or Sunday at Padstow or do you have to book in, thanks
  9. i have booked in so can't say for sure, but if you interested it's worth giving them a ring

    the secretary's number is 01326 311919
  10. if your around the weekend after it's the kernow old vehicle rally at Penhallow (next to the cider farm)


    this you can turn up on the day for as we have done in the past, although you will need a copy of your insurance

    we are in a blue/white devon come and say hello
  11. Hi we will be staying July august near Looe travelling around to any rallies etc that we can find so we will see you there, we have a green westy with a White roof called Bogey you can't miss us,
  12. Boconnoc steam fair is not to be missed 20th, 21st & 22nd July


    lot's and lot's to see and do

    it's £5 including camping to stay but you must pre book

    Cornwall jamboree is August bank holiday weekend


    Fowey regatta week is 19th to 25th August


    west of England steam fair 17, 18,19 August


    and keep a eye on our local web site for club camps BBQ's etc

  14. Off to Cornwall myself the week of the 30th. Not in the van sadly as it's just a crispy shell at the moment. Wife wants me to hurry up so we can go to Glasto in it!
  15. If you get honked/flashed by a Ford Focus by a maniac grinning and waving that will be me, I think i've scared a few people in the past...
  16. Hi thanks for info everybody hope to meet up with some of you over the summer, camper allowing, please keep posting great events and places to go , we are really grateful, we will have computer with us so will keep up with any new posts. Thanks again, Lynne & Gary
  17. You've got to come to St Ives. Just took this picture
  18. there is more sun on the south coast today
  19. Hi yes it looks beautiful, and we will come for a visit, we have been told parking is difficult there any suggestions, thanks Lynne
  20. Search for the and head to the island carpark. You may have to wait 5,10,15 minutes but your car will be near all the action down on the front and be easy to get to later in the day. also you won't have to walk up any hills to get it.


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