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  1. beach today.
    We’re off to Swanage.
    We havnt been to the beach this year (as a family).
    My friend took his last week, and told me it was pretty quiet.
    I guess we’ll see....
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  2. Swanage is a proper little resort , wont be a lot of beach at high tide though so sunbathers will get damp.

    The muppets will be flooding Bournemouth and Weymouth. Probably a lot of traffic for them making the likes of Dorchester a logjam.
    As you will be coming at it from the west.
  3. Yeah, that’s what we thought.
    Just fancy a swim, really. Can’t go to the pools, anymore.
  4. The main car park at Swanage wasn't heaving last Saturday - there were still spaces at lunch time when I finished my shift on the railway. So it will probably be OK on a weekday. The worst thing is the traffic jams in and out so try and time your visit!
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  5. Well how’s about that, I’ll give you a race down there. But the Mrs ain’t up yet.:confused:

    Ozziedog,,,,,,,,me and Mrs Ozziedog too:)
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  6. I installed the BCPBeachCheck app.
  7. Not trying to sound way toooo dim, but,:oops:

    Ozziedog,,,,,,,,duuuuhhhhh, wots dat???:)
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  8. Bournemouth, Christchurch and Poole Council Beach Congestion phone app. Blue/amber/red sat nav style congestion alerts for South coast beaches.
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  9. Off to Poole tomorrow for a bit of kayak fishing
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  10. Are kayaks easy to catch?
  11. We’re here, up in the dunes. It’s pretty good here.
    People are being sensible as they can be. It’s nice just to get in the sea, tbh.
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  12. Don'tget a parking ticket, that place is notorious for jobsworths.
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  13. In the dunes eh?

    I see.........like that is it..........
  14. In the naturist section :D
  15. Scarborough is lovely today. Just spent the day plumbing the cellar then a dip in the sea 100 yards away.
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  16. Yes sorry, I said Swanage, but we ended up in Studland. The beach was pretty packed, but the dunes, weren’t. And no, sadly, no nudists...
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  17. 7B143CDE-6BE8-4063-9797-40CE47C2BD83.jpeg
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  18. I see by your picture that you caught a shot of the rare blue sky yesterday. We too went all over and there were peeps like ants everywhere. It seemed to shower every hour or so or maybe the cloud was just following us around. Stopped in Swanage for half an hour or so and had a Fortes ice cream parlour special, Ferrero Roche ice cream, and that alone made the trip worth while. Took us over an hour to get out of Brizzal because of an incident on the Wells Road that swallowed up lots of vehicles and time , try and get out of the congestion and chase a different route along with half of Bristols drivers who all seemed intent on going the same way as me until we got to Paulton. But nice day out apart from the lack of sunshine. Brekky in bed today and we looked out the window and I can’t believe the weather this morning, talk about Mr Murphy and his sodding laws . :mad::(:mad:

    Ozziedog,,,,,,,,,,Gardening I reckons, it’ll stay nice then :);):)
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  19. Is that little cafe still open on the harbour wall, used to have live seafood in containers outside- used to have curry and chips with a bottle of lager there - as we are sophisticated like that.
  20. @crossy2112 on Barnsley beach today looks lovely, beach ain't bad either:thumbsup: Screenshot_20200808-172609.png

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