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  1. This is Gladys...

    So Gladys was a recent acquisition. The missus and I had both wanted a VW camper for some time and we were driving down the M5 and saw her with a 'For Sale' sign in the window. Didn't quite get the number on the first pass, so I slowed down to let her go by for a second chance. Only problem is that the driver wouldn't overtake, so eventually we had to come off at a junction, wait for her to go by and then catch her up.

    I won't go into the details of her previous life right now, but she has already created some awesome memories for me. Basically I didn't let the missus know that I'd bought her for a couple of weeks then decked Gladys out as a make-shift restaurant and took my missus to her. Had a lovely takeaway, plenty of gin and then I proposed at the end.

    Glad to say she say 'Yes"..... After saying 'Are you ffffing serious' a number of times :)

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  2. Merlin Cat

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    Top van and a lovely story. :)
    Do you think the van helped sway your missus? ;)
  3. Day

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    Start cleaning g up that engine bay....Tis the heart of the bus...look after it and she'll be happy.
  4. Day

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    Nice looking bus...Enjoy it:thumbsup:
  5. Happy memories!
  6. bernjb56

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    Brilliant - congratulations :hattip:
  7. Congratulations!! :)
  8. cool !!!

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