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  1. I did all that work on my van in lockdown, as my transit decided to display a ‘spanner’ warning light. Can’t get it sorted till Friday, and told “best not to drive it”
    It has been acting odd, the last few days...
    So.... 596E22A7-ECC8-4016-9E33-0E3678923878.jpeg
    Temp work van
  2. Aaaah when the love returns :)
  3. :thumbsup:
    Can’t get a mower on a CX500...:thumbsup:
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  4. Old Skool gardening again, today. 4BCF4682-2FDE-48DF-9B84-9A298E34F858.jpeg A567B0BB-B871-484D-A88F-69C313661DBB.jpeg
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  5. Oi! I say gardener Get that Thing orfe my drive
    The Bally thing is dripping oil everywhere :D
  6. JamesLey

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    There you go, scrap the transit and use that permanently!
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  7. Poptop2

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    I think scrap and transit are the same word where I live they just seem to go together in every sentence!
  8. I put a piece of 4mm hard board under the engine, as soon as I park it, just in case.
  9. No, more practical than my vw.
  10. Actually, I have thought in the past, about a green panel van, with my work logo on it, but sort of in a rubbed down, sun bleach patina style, for the smaller jobs.
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  11. Fit a towbar and hook up a trailer for your mowers
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  12. Just ask Doreen
  13. 6EBA1C0B-7934-4612-AEE1-8850531A6338.jpeg Hedge trimming, today. Really using the van!
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