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  1. Anybody watch this series?
    We just finished watching the last episode tonight. For my part, I was blown away by it. Gripping from start to finish; just built and built every episode, of which there are eight. So glad they didn't try and stretch it to another series like so many others do.
    The five main characters are simply phenomenal with plenty of incredible support roles. Will Sharpe gives the best performance by a whisker I think.
    Joe Barton's first venture into writing a full series on his own is pure genius and it's brought to life by THE most imaginitve directing I've ever seen in a TV series.
    Can't recommend it highly enough.
    Belting 10/10
    5 *'s
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  2. What’s it about?
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  3. It's an eight part drama on the Beeb (the box set is on iPlayer) and translates as "Duty/Shame". It's staged in England and Japan around a Yakusa feud and whilst there is some violence it's a brilliant drama with plenty of intrigue, love stories, a few shoot outs, countless social and cultural issues sensitively handled whilst being brutally honest. It's a completely original story. I read a bit about the writer afterwards but there are lots of spoilers in the stuff I read.
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  4. Oooh.
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  5. I should say that my wife enjoyed it just as much. It's quite an all rounder but it's FAR from tame.
  6. It’s on our “To Watch” list....we’re trying to get through Spiral Series 7 at the mo.
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    We've been really enjoying it - actually watching on the night it's on though, so looking forward to the last episode this week. Agree with everything you've said @Mark Darby :thumbsup:
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  8. We boxed binged it. Completely hooked throughout. Final episode is something to behold. With this and Chernobyl those guys are laying to waste all before them.
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  9. The last episode, or should I say the last few minutes are surreal!
    But it was a great series....binge watched the last 4 episodes.
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