Gertie the 72 crossdresser. Full resto....and it needs it!

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  1. Nice welding...!
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  2. Cheers @art b a project like this certainly improves your skills.
  3. Today I decided to get the other handbrake tube in. Some struggling and choice words saw it finished. I notice there was a cable with a wing nut on it wrapped around the front beam which turned out to be the clutch cable and I also found another large tube I didn't know was in the garage so I proceeded to install the clutch cable and Bowden tube. A good coat of etch primer then saw me paint all three tubes with grey Rusto and I have to admit it looks better under there.
    I did have to scrub the thread on the clutch cable and borrow a 1/4 inch UNF tap to run through the wing nut before covering the thread in copper slip but it's free to turn now along its full length. I also had to make a tag and weld it to the torsion beam as the original had long since rotted off.



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  4. Cut out 2 corroded sections of heat exchanger control cable tubes, bent and cut 2 x new tubes to fit as I didn't have enough tube to replace them completely and made a couple of sleeves out of the larger tubes and welded to the front sections which weren't corroded. Still need to paint them but stuck some etch primer on them for now.
    Just the throttle cable tube now and that bits done.


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  5. Looking good under there...:thumbsup:
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  6. Cheers fella, it's coming. Got a bit of a run shift wise at the moment so I'm only gonna get the odd day on it for the next few weeks.
  7. Nights tonight so thought I'd do a short shift in the garage and repurpose a steel and polycarbonate box previously used for ink printers in work into a blasting cabinet.

    Removed the poly and cut the corner off before cutting the poly for a hinged lid then put in some supports. Some thin ply tomorrow or Friday and a coat of paint it'll be done.
    I already have the gauntlets here.

    All built from scrap as the box was going in the skip.


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  8. Had an hour spare so cut a few boards. I need to cut a top and a side and I can fit the gloves, light and air bayonet fitting and paint it all.

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  9. Looks handy....:p
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  10. Stick a sheet of clear sticky backed plastic on the inside of the window then when it gets scratched and foggy from the grit/sand you can just peel it off and fit another instead of having to replace the whole window.
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  11. Haha, already in my shopping list. Great minds and all that.

    This is the outcome, once the paint has dried I can fit the light etc.

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  12. Had to sort out the garage today as there is stuff everywhere but thought I'd spare a little time for the cargo door that's been languishing in the garden for the best part of 8 years. I cut off the bottom and I know it CAN be repaired with home made repairs but should I just purchase a lower door inner skin repair and where can I find the best one or do I even need the best and are they all the same.

    Is it even worth repairing the door?

    Opinions and solutions please.


  13. Is it a rhd door?
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  14. Yup...
    I got the kloker shocker ...:D
    repair panels for the door and they seem ok..
    @JamesLey or @martinvention will be the guys to ask..
  15. It is dude.
  16. Klok bottom and alanschofield outer is best and yes best repair the door you got CHEAPEST if you could even find a good rust free door not :D
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  17. How about the Schofield inner, are they any good? They look different.
  18. Klok bottom and alanschofield outer is best and yes best repair the door you got CHEAPEST if you could even find a good rust free door not :D
    didnt know they made them when i did my door :rolleyes:but i would say yes as i have never had a bad panel from then yet
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  19. I may be mistaken, seems it's a >67 panel. They list the Klocker one as "it's the only one available"

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