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Discussion in 'Europe' started by Owen Snell, Jul 30, 2014.

  1. We've never camped in Germany, although we know it pretty well and have lived there in the past. We're heading down from Rotterdam to Italy in a couple of weeks and are trying to decide whether to book ahead for the overnight stops or turn up and see what's available. Anyone have experience of camping in Germany and likely available space if we just turn up in the afternoon, or call ahead same day?
  2. I'm off to the Black Forest next week. I emailed a few campsites last week and most were fully booked. I did find two or three that had spaces so we're ok.

    Not really much help I guess! But the Black Forest is mega popular so maybe other regions are ok.

    Staying near Luxembourg for first stop.

    They had spaces, Never stayed here before so might be rubbish, but I can let you know.
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  3. Please post up.
  4. I've stayed in a few and mostly we just turned up. The only one we booked was when we went to bad camberg and knew there would be a lot of demand the week of the show.

    Never found anywhere without room for a couple of campers.

    We go in June though so not school holidays
  5. We used a book from Germany called the Bord atlas has over 15000 over night campsites in Germany never had any trouble getting a campsite even in the the most popular areas, also you get another book with sites over the rest of Europe,
  6. Got the Bord Altlas. Getting going with the planning now!
  7. We just rolled up and didnt have any problems any where except Berchtesgaden which was rammed but they still squeezed us in - we came from Rotterdam through Koblenz and followed the Rhine and romantic road, and then back along the Alpinestrasse. this was last year in August.
  8. How far down did you go on the first day? Also, if there's hook up, do the plugs fit?
  9. We took our time - went into the hook of holland and camped just outside Rotterdam on the first day, then into Germany - took about a week to get all the way down to Austria. For hook up take a continental adapter as most sites use a continental 2 pin plug rather than the usual 3 pin blue 16amp. Austria use reverse polarity so youll need to turn it upside down if you head through that way!!

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