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  1. hi all got my gti engine in now on a adaptor onto a 3 rib box but the ratios are way too low , whats the gearbox I beed to get me out of this high rpm or best ratios to get built into it and by whom
    thanks tony
  2. Gear box from a 2 litre bay (6 rib) is usually the way people go. Either that or send your 3 rib to cogbox or bears and they will put a longer 4th in or longer 3rd and 4th.
  3. You can increase the final drive ratio in your box and then also add a longer 4th gear if you want.
  4. At 50mph it's at 3k revs would upgrading to a 6 rib bring it down to 60mph at 3k revs and will the nosecone off a 6 rib gearbox be the same as a 3 rib gearbox
  5. Mine's got a 4.57 final drive (as per 6 rib) and a longer 0.82 4th gear. With stock tyres, that's about 3,500 rpm at an indicated 65 mph (actual 62 mph according to sat nav).

    I've seen people talk about fitting a 0.7 4th gear, which would give you 3,000 revs at 65, if you've got the torque to pull it.

    Talk to the gearbox specialists about what they can do for you.
  6. Sorry for all the questions will a t25 box fit the number on the box is 901301211a

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