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Discussion in 'Mech Tech' started by BarryDean, Sep 15, 2023.

  1. Any body used this gearbox oil? GL5/GL4 mix?

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  2. Zed

    Zed Gradually getting grumpier

    Stick to GL4, GL5 doesn't play nice with your synchro rings.
  3. ^this. Castrol Syntrans (or whatever it's called these days) will do nicely. Or boggo EP80/90 from Halfrauds.
  4. Marty SmartyCat

    Marty SmartyCat Supporter

    When I drained and filled mine, 3 and a bit litres went in :thumbsup:
  5. Barry Haynes

    Barry Haynes I dance in leopard skin mankini’s

    I filled mine with grease:rolleyes:
  6. You filled your gearbox with grease :eek:?
  7. Barry Haynes

    Barry Haynes I dance in leopard skin mankini’s

  8. Barry Haynes

    Barry Haynes I dance in leopard skin mankini’s

    Sorry I meant sewing machine oil
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  9. Was unsure as it states GL5/GL4 mix after more research some say these cannot be mixed, so did not take the chance and order some Morris form JKs. Not so sure about the Grease option o_O. I've got chills and they are multiplying.
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  10. Ignore the grease. Barry's having one of his turns.

    PS You could've bought it from Halfords. Or GSF.
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  11. Barry Haynes

    Barry Haynes I dance in leopard skin mankini’s

    Ignore me I was having a giraffe
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  12. Yes seen the Comma Brand and wasn't sure and is a fully refurbished box and didn't wanna take a chance, but yeah next time.
    GSF are great though for a number of parts and cheap.

    Have you used the Comma before?
  13. Comma is fine. Syntrans is expensive, but I'd recommend it.
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  14. Soggz

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    Was that to sew all those buttons on your suit with?
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  15. redgaz

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    I got shafted a few weeks ago by GSF for 5 litres of Comma 80/90 GL4, £45 !!. You can get it for half that on ebay with free delivery.
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  16. GSF is the same set up as Euro Car Parts - if they don't give you a discount code of some sort don't buy it.
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  17. Yep. Do click and collect on line with a code, or everything's twice the price.
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  18. Kruger

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    That’s an old myth now, as the revised (late 90’s?) GL5 spec oils don’t contain the additive that eats the brass/bronze rings.
    Just go with GL4 spec, it’s a 50 year old gear box at the end of the day, GL5 won’t be an improvement!
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  19. Kruger

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    Their prices have been going up massively for a while, had a bit of moan/rant with them in store last week over some track rods for a golf, stating that nobody pays £70 for 2 track rod ends, after doing the dance and pretending to use a ‘code’ I paid £22. Makes me hate using them.
    Remember to use code: ‘TREATCUSTOMERSASMUGS23” for 65% discount, or ‘GETITCHEAPERONEBAY’ for 75% discount!
  20. I got a new battery for the Golf today from GSF: £98 for a nice big Yuasa, click and collect. "List price" on their site...£260. I think they just make these bloody ridiculous numbers up.
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