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  1. Its all about removing inherrent restrictions to flow

    As it left the factory empi manifold for 34 ict carb


    After a bit of para love

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  2. I like but would the cost of this mean it's more cost effective to buy better carbs like twin choke dells that come with better flowing manifolds ?
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  3. If you have the money then its best to start with the best you can get
    Twin choke carbs by design will always be better than a single choke shared between two cylinders
    Especially lower down on the rpm range

    You may have the best flowing inlet manifold ever but if the ports in the heads obstruct the flow from the manifold then its wasted
  4. Port matching and gas flowing on the inlets
    This head was for a mild 1776


    Exhaust port gas flowed and polished to reduce carbon build up

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  5. I am thinking of buying a spare head for my r32 and sending it up to you for a long term porting and polishing holiday ;)
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