Fully Restored RHD 4-Berth Camper

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  1. I am on the lookout for a van - must be RHD and must be 4 berth (preferably a rear-hinge Westie, preferably full width RnR bed) but I'm not too fussy on the conversion/layout. Have the budget to buy a fully restored van so not looking for a project, or even a van which requires tidying up. please PM me with details if you think you have something which fits the bill.
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  3. Hmmm. An RHD rear-hinge Westy eh? Do you know how rare and expensive they are? I too was looking for one and gave up a couple of years ago. Then I bought and imported a rot free tin-top from Oz and set about converting it into a rear-hinge Westy replica with brand new materials, parts and mod cons. A sort of modern-take on a Helsinki.

    Your best bet is to go for the Devon - the one also known as the Moonraker or Double-top, with a double bed in the roof. There's lots of RHD Westy front-hinges around of course. There's loads of LHD rear-hinges too. They're two a penny. ;) But if it's an RHD rear-hinge you're really after then I'd suggest that you build your own bus.
  4. Let me Clarify that the RHD Westie is only the top of the wish list, not the only solution. Still looking...
  5. Agree with BayDreams. I built my own rear hinged Westie as finding a decent one was like looking for the holy grail. Budget around £25k if you get a VW shop to build you one.
  6. Got a nice 4 berth 76 Riviera as God intended on my site
  7. I've got a fully restored 76 lhd westy that was imported from sunny california.

    It's green, with new van wurks kitchen unit, full width rnr bed, rear hinge top with full bed on top. Fridge and smev cooker. New bed but with repro plaid from America.

    It's had full respray and was completed last year.

    I am toying with the idea of selling it but not sure yet. I can send some pics if it fits the bill.

    Might be tempted with a T5 as I am really too impatient and too used to driving modern cars! I know that's really bad after spending a fortune doing this up! Love the look of older campers but they aren't for blasting down the M1 after work on a Friday...
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    [​IMG]i no of this one .one of the nicest ones around. Rhd ,only 51000 and the cleanest inside you will find .dont no if its what your looking for .
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    Also its not restored its only had a paint.it only had 4 owners ,me one of them and i no the other 3 so no the bus inside out from day 1 .there is now rust on the bus it is all originalbar paint. this is when i had it ,with the original paint .its since had a repaint which to me didnt need .
  13. El, sounds/looks good - ticks most of the boxes for me, have sent you a PM.

    Others - many thanks for your comments. Only 'musts' are RHD (the mrs insists) and 4 berth, but since posting have ruled out bunks (e.g. Devon/Dormobile). Have seen nice Devon Moonraker/Viking conversions that fit the bill but leaning towards Westie (rear hinge still preferable - I do know that this is rare in RHD) but front hinge acceptable.

    I have my own views about self-build rear hinge (I Looked at restoring a Devon and retrofitting one of O'Connors Westie copies). But value of finished van compared to budget required was a questionmark, and (since I have zero mech/tech skills) I would have to project manage the conversion/resto which seemed a lot of aggro for a novice. Also,p have budget for a good finished resto and time to wait til I find right van so I don't want to put myself through the faffage. Have seen several vans that fit the bill both at VolksWorld and advertised locally so don't think I need to resort to LHD or self-build just yet.

    When I SAY 'I' i'm actually refering to a mate who I'm helping. I have a '72 Westie continental which I think it the perfect van - but all your opinions, which I am feeding back to him, are very valuable in helping him make his mind up - everyone has their own take on this and I am trying no to be too biased!

    Thanks again all,

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    :)This maybe the camper you are looking for. 1977 Westy 4 berth, 2 ltr (Remtec engine 50k), rear hinge 2 berth pop-top, fully restored with all the bits you'd probably want already fitted: Anthacite Empi alloys, Empi quick-shift, alloy/wood steering wheel, elec hook-up, Sony CD/radio. Standard fitings include fridge, elec water/sink, 2 burner hob, 240/12v plugs, plenty of storage. Also its had new battery (110amp), oil cooler, starter, clutch and electronic ignition. The restoration was complete inside and out using Schofield panels and window rubbers. Its had complete new brakes fitted and has been regularly wax oiled, fully serviced and maintained regardless of cost. It has been used daily throughout my ownership taking us far and wide (100k miles) all over Europe and is a serious longhaul tourer thats never let us down. It will be sold with a new MOT and tax. There is a comprehsive photo record of the restoration. Its currently with Campervans4u at Standsted in Essex (I'm in Lancaster) and you can see full exterior/interior photos on their website. View and test through Andy Brady at Campervans4u. Price £17750. You can also chat to me via e-mail - philboothman@yahoo.com (more photos) or call on 01524 34338 or 07506742499 eves/weekends

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