FOR SALE Fully Restored 1971 Camper lowlight.

Discussion in 'Late Bay Classifieds' started by Geordie, Jan 10, 2017.

  1. @paulcalf Oy other way road i want gazillions because im worth it:confused:
  2. gazillions, I've not heard that for a long long time!
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  3. Reduced to 25k
  4. thats gorgeous well worth £25k all day.right hand drive. getting very hard to find.i would wait till march. get full asking price all day.
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  5. Ill send you that £5 through PayPal later:thumbsup:
  6. @taiga79 Thought i would start now no major rush to sell. thanks
  7. hope your buying a late one with all that money you'll have.:)
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  8. Got a plane ABCDEFGIH:thumbsup:
  9. I know someone who's house is worth about that, it's situated in a village called midlands which is in the norf, if interested contact @poptop2
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  10. @Barry Haynes Thats terrible Bazza :( Some say Down South you all live in boat and eat fisherman friend and drive taxi boat :eek:
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  11. @Barry Haynes You gonna buy it come-on got loads of Money ;)not getting any younger/ can't take it with yer :thumbsup:
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  12. I know this bus well - it's probably the best looking Bay I've ever seen. Easily worth the asking price.
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  13. I know if I was looking for a bus , I'd snap your wrist off! Lovely bus Andy good luck

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  14. Merlin Cat

    Merlin Cat Moderator

    A very lovely van indeed, good luck with the sale. :)

    Hope you get a good sale and have lots to spend on your next van, say a lovely Landmark, for instance :D
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  15. @Merlin Cat , Selling the van because im so poor cannot afford 4 vehicles Counter offer £2 + Mars bar
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  16. Andy's bus would be ideal for that new girl who's looking for a bus, @sam_bug

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  17. I'd love Andy's bus - unfortunately the budget isn't going anywhere near there!
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  18. @sam_bug Thank you Just sell a kidney are already half way there :thumbsup:
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