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  1. f4c317e258c5db7ae85542627b5666c6.0.jpg Well though I would put a picture up of my van that I have been working on for the last couple of years . I have been on hear for a while and the van is nearly ready for the road
    It a very late baywindow 1980
    Still a full panel
    With a 2 ltr engine with twin Weber's and a full stainless exhaust
    Let me know what you think and I have a question when was the last baywindow made before we went to the T25
    Thanks Simon
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  2. Looking good dude, I am partial to a panel van.

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    Nice. I like panel vans too.
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    In reply to when was the last panel van made!
    Tricky question but assuming you mean German built Right Hand Drive If so there were 101 panel vans manufactured after mine according to vin numbers, if that is anything to go by and was part of a batch sold to Devon for conversion, but according to Volkswagen museum mine was built the day after production officially stopped so that appears to back up the story ? But who knows with VW’s
    Eli eve it was 26th July 1978 from memory but stand to be corrected when I find the birth certificate which is on here somewhere
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    Found it was in fact 26th june 1978 they officially ended production but obviously had a bit of an over run
    And 103 vans made after mine ☹️
    But as before I stand to be corrected

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  6. Ady


    Nice van , Loving the visor.
  7. Love it. Is it a twin slider?

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