Fuel tank filler neck. VW Heritage.

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    UPDATED: Jan 2012

    Fuel tank filler neck. VW Heritage. £44.13. 10/10

    It's now 1/10 (see closing statement)

    Ok lets start with the price £44.13 might seem a bit steep for a bit of rubber pipe but it's made to the correct size and shape and having fitted 2 it really isn't rocket science. Sure if you can find 58mm bore rubber pipe you could make it yourself and save yourself a fortune. As it was this is quick and easy.

    For ease of doing the job l have to say it really is so much better having the engine out. l wouldn't entertain doing one of these on a 1600 with the engine in and as for T4 engined buses you can manage it with a lot more swearing than normal.

    With regards to life time who knows. It is designed for fuel systems so I'll let you know asap when it fails and l have gas pouring from the back of my bus :)


    Since fitting one to my bus I was asked by a customer if I could fit I one on his. The pipe didn't fit. The part is supposed to cover all model years. It was too short. It VW Heritage had ordered them an inch longer either end there wouldn't be a problem. If it was secured to the has tank it is then at too short on the filler pipe end and barely fits around the flanged part of the metal pipe.

    Could it have been a one of?? I don't know. I wasn't offered a replacement pipe to try. If I need to do this again I will pop down with my old one as a measuring tool to find out so the 1/10 could change.

    I strongly recommend that you at least try and offer up the new pipe to your old one by gaining access into the biscuit tin and having a feel around to determine if it will fit.

    The only saving grace was Heritages returns policy and because it was faulty they paid for the return post.



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