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  1. Can i change this fuel pump without removing alternator?.

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  2. Isn't that the top of a carb?
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  3. Doh!, wrong pic. Try again.

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  4. Shouldn't need to remove the alternator to change that, plenty of room.
  5. Yeap I've taken that style off without problems.
  6. Good to know thanks, only it looks as if it wouldn't clear the mounting studs before it was hard against the alternator.
  7. Get a 13mm “banana” spanner to undo the bolt at the back. It will come off. Check the length of the fuel pump pushrod when it’s off.
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  8. Ta Snotty, hopefully won't have to get it off. Depends if it's leaking fuel into sump or not.
    After an overnight stand when i removed sump plate a small amount of fuel was present. On zedders good advice i turned engine over by hand and a load more came out (bore full). left it for 90 mins, turned engine over by hand again and no more came out.
    Carb looks dry which i re-fitted last night. Think i'll leave it over night again and turn it over by hand again in the morning before i put any oil in, just to play safe.
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  9. Does sound like your carb’s overflowing. Obvs, don’t try and start it with a cylinder full of fuel :eek:. I’d take the pump off to check it anyway - easy enough. Looks like you may be able to dismantle yours.,
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  10. yes, carb overflowing due to worn or dirty float needle valve is the usual suspect, but you may have a perished fuel pump diaphragm or both. any fuel in oil means drain and refill with new oil, oil is cheap, damaged engine isn't.

    its a common issue on here, rust in tank finds its way to the carb and causes havoc. fuel pumps are repro and cheap, but don't last. If your existing one is ok, I would keep it.
  11. Mine looks to be re -condition able, would you agree?. Probably the way to remove it is to unscrew centre lid screw and take it from there, never done a Brosol VW one so not sure. Are Brosol standard fitment?.
    The lid very nearly contacts the alternator.
    I've just been out and took lid off carb, level a bit high so removed 0.5mm spacer and re-fitted 1.0mm spacer, no leaks, only turned engine over by hand though.
    My plan is to check under engine and turn it over a few times by hand in the morning, if no sign of petrol around bottom of sump (filter etc is out) i'll put in oil and start her up, however if there is petrol present i'll fit a fuel pump kit before doing anything else.
    Getting sick of the smell of Esso :(
  12. The lid is probably just covering a cleanable filter underneath. Not sure how much further you could dismantle it. Take the lid off and find out!
  13. I probably will. Kits are out there but no one states the make of pump they are suitable for?, mine is a Brosol ,made in Brazil.
  14. They are Brazilian. Yours is probably a replacement from the past. I’d doubt if you can service kits for it. First step: take it apart!
  15. Cleaned out filter, actually there was nothing in there, only just managed to seal it up again without leaking though, could do with a new seal, can't find one yet,
    55 mm o/d , 47mm hole x 1mm thick rubber.
    Result, engine up and running ok, fuel pump pressure 2.8 p.s.i . whatever the r.p.m. is.
  16. Nice looking Pierburg pump on Cartec 1 one. ATP article 30460756. £62.99
    Not sure if it would fit on my engine though, bigger pump body than the Brosol i've got.
  17. If it’s for a type 1 with alternator, the “new” Pierburgs will fit.
  18. The resealing of those pumps is fun. Mine has an O ring seal. Which took some gasket silicone to re seal.
    I put my old pump back because the cheap aftermaket pump put out about 7psi. The old one does about 3.5psi. I keep the new one as a spare.

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