Fuel in oil !!!

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by sam maxworthy, Oct 7, 2019.

  1. does anyone know why I’m getting fuel in my oil, it seems to run fine, I put it away and come try and start it weeks later, it turns over forever until battery goes flat, then I realise the petrol has flooded into the crank case and mixed with the oil?
    I drained the oil and replaced with new and starts straight away
    I have bought a brand new carb and fuel pump So it doesn’t happen again but it has ??
    I don’t drive it far only about 50ft from a shipping container to a workshop as I’m still in the restoration process
  2. Need to set to ur floats ! What carb u got my new ones needed doing I presume u have electric fuel pump

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  3. Might need a pressure regulator too.
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  4. I was getting to this Iv got filter king and fuel Solinoid to stop This on 3rd set off float cut off in 50k

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  5. Might just need a clean, is it the right carb?
  6. If its a new fuel pump and that is not leaking, the problem will be the fuel metering valve in the carburettor, even if that was the same problem with the old one too. If its a 34PICT-3 then the service kit comes with a new valve. Try that.

    The new fuel pump may well have higher pressure than OG, but once the engine stops, the leak will just be due to the pressure head of fuel from the tank.

    Weber owners know this problem well - fuel pressure has to be low using an OG pump or a pressure regulator, needs a shutoff solenoid valve to stop dribble, new needle valves every 20k miles..
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  7. I had to fit a regulator and set it to 2psi when I had this problem:thumbsup:
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  8. If you read up on new carbs you should srip & give them a good clean before fitting as often there is machining debris in them.
    As mentioned check what fuel pressure is recommended for your type of carb.
    +1 for the fuel cut off valve. Easy enough to fit & wire. Worth the effort. :thumbsup:
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  9. Yes, and while your in there, polish the casting seams out with a few different shaped fine fine Dremil brushes.Blow it all out with compressed air, and ‘rod’ all the galleries with a thin E sting from an electric guitar.
  10. You say you are in the restoration process, is that just the engine? As I understand it, you got your van out of a shipping container and drove it into your workshop for restoration. The van sits there for weeks and when you go to start it up, it needs cranking for ages and the fuel doesn't fire up but drains into the oil sump instead.

    So what is the new carb and fuel pump you fitted and have you installed a fuel filter before the pump. Is it an old fuel tank. Was it cleaned out of any gunk and rust. Did you put new fuel in the tank.

    The engine doesn't fire, so is there a spark? Have you checked the ignition works.
  11. Yeah, a rusty fuel tank of crud ain’t gonna do anyone any favours.
  12. Hi yeah there is spark and the ignition works and is also brand new, it’s done it a few times months apart but every time it’s happened I’ve cleaned the plugs put fresh oil in it and it starts straight up
  13. Are you parked on a slope? Quick fix.... clamp fuel line before carb but remeber to remove it prior to starting
  14. I always used to clamp it before I changed the carb and fuel pump but stopped because I thought the new carb and pump would have stopped it, but hasn’t so I’ve started doing it again

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