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  1. Hi all
    Thought I'd try and get to the bottom of fuel gauge not working but found other problems too.
    Noticed my ignition light didn't come on when I turn the key also no oil light....
    Checked fuse number 11 had blown
    It was a very old fuse so I stuck another one in.
    Turns ignition on pop fuse went.
    Also noticed last time I drove battery lamp flickering even though no ignition light.
    Indicators work but when I cancel they stop flashing but the new relay clicks like mad like when a bulb has gone.
    O and also fuel gauge where the wire is off is that meant to be an earth???
    (Sorry about all the questions)

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  2. It's wired up wrong the also with Marmitee connectors. Brown/black comes from the sender
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  3. ^this, to start with. Move the brown black wire from the sender to the free terminal on the fuel gauge. There should be a +ve supply wire to the (now) free terminal on the voltage regulator. Stick 12V on it and see if the gauge comes to life.

    The connectors wouldn’t be my first choice, but they look fine to me.
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  4. The black wire is an earth it just goes to the oil lamp E then to the indicator/ battery Earth
    Also putting a live on the now empty terminal did nothing iv even changed the unit that did nothing too.
    Theres definitely a short on the indicators tho as soon as I turn on ignition relay clicks like mad.[​IMG]

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  5. There should be a black wire going to the voltage regulator, looks like the black wires are fitted wrong
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  6. Where does the black wire from the main loom go to? or a picture from on top so I can see all the connections.
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  7. The black wire isn't an earth. You should have a +ve feed to both the oil and ign lights, standing on their little insulated bit. Yank the black wire off the earth star and measure the voltage on it with the ignition turned on. If it's +12, connect it to the empty terminal on the voltage regulator.
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  8. Thick black just going to ignition [​IMG]

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  9. Black wire with group of brown wires is wrong . Brown are earths , black is ignition feed , should be to sender unit
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  10. as above , only brown wires are earths, which is why its blowing the fuse
  11. O.range are not the only fruit.
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  12. Sorry guys phone battery died
    Ok update moved black wire to where you said.
    Indicators now work ok oil light fixed battery light working.
    Still nothing on fuel gauge.

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  13. Have you got a meter? If yes, set it to low ohms, yank the brown black wire off and measure the resistance between the lead and ground. Should be say 60 - 100 ohms. If it's open circuit, implies the sender isn't connected.
  14. Sender is ok getting 30 ohms at the sender if bounce about in bus it moves up and down as the fuel does.
    Is there a way of testing the gauge?

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  15. What's it doing at the moment? Down, up, halfway?

    Try temporarily shorting the black +12V lead to the terminal on the gauge where the small red wire's attached, with sender connected. The gauge should go up a bit (or possibly peg at the top end).
  16. Nothing it's still at empty

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  17. Be brutal and disconnect the wiring from both gauge studs and stuff 12V across it. Any movement? If not, likely gauge has had it. Might want to measure the resistance across the studs.
  18. Not a sausage
    Anyone likely to have one to sell?

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  19. Can still get them new, I think...at a price. Worth having your fuel gauge working, tho’

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