Fuel filler flap spring

Discussion in 'How To' started by dave in norfolk, Aug 13, 2020.

  1. The spring to keep the fuel filler flap closed fell out and was lost. I have a replacement spring and would be grateful if someone could take a pic of how the spring fits in a 1973 bus for me. Thanks in advance.
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    It should look something like this (pinched from buttys bits site, it's of a splitty but fits the same way):
  3. Thats great thanks, I will go and have a look.
  4. Two shots of my 73:

    photostudio_1597319611819.jpg photostudio_1597319586648.jpg
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    Easiest way of fitting it is to remove the flap from the van.
    Hook one leg of the spring on the hinge and then pull it to the other slot in the flap itself.
  6. If it looks like it goes one way round, it goes the other way round. :thumbsup:

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