Fuel cut off solenoid fitting location?

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  1. Afternoon all.

    We’re currently fitting a fuel cut off solenoid with fire suppression system from Aircooled works as well as replacing fuel lines.

    Can anyone show or tell me where to locate the fuel cutoff solenoid behind the fire wall?
    I’m reading the instructions but can’t find the place described.

    Any help would be appreciated.

    Many thanks
  2. Baysearcher

    Baysearcher [secret moderator]

    I’d want it as close to the tank outlet as possible.
  3. I put in a solenoid above the gearbox, as @Baysearcher says as close to the fuel tank as possible. It needs to be before the fuel line passes directly over the heat exchanger - this is where a fuel leak would ignite instantly and the fire keep being fed by your emptying tank.
  4. @snotty , time to post your photos again

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  5. The only bit hot enough to light petrol might be the exhaust pipe as it leaves the head. Or a jet of flame from an exhaust leak.

    I have the Goodridge fuel hose, the solenoid is on the little bracket, fed from a metal fuel filter.
    The solenoid wire was replaced after being burnt in the fire a couple of years back when the solenoid did its job.

    The big hoses are the oil cooler hose. With the stainless braiding they seemed to have survived, where the previous rubber fuel hose went all crispy on the outside.

    Interesting that Loctite 260 deg C high temperature copper loaded silicone seems to be surviving where it seals the outer of the heat exchanger to the exhaust pipe.

  6. Thanks for replies.

    I fitted it here in the end (photo pre wiring it up). Hopefully that will do the job.
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  7. Mines fitted as per the below photo just behind tank outlet.

  8. I’d fit a filter before the solenoid
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  9. The solenoid has a built in filter so I thought it would be ok. The filter can be replaced and I plan to do so every 2 years.
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  10. What solenoid did you guys use are some better then others?
  11. I bought the one from Aircooled works along side the fire suppression system and new fuel line kit.
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  12. Thanks mate will take a look might see if I can freebie one from my work not sure if we use them.
  13. Just for you...

    a fuel lines 6s.jpg
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  15. :oops:
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  16. Petrol will vaporise before touching and igniting on hot exhaust surfaces: it needs a spark or flame to ignite. A hot exhaust pipe is very unlikely to set fire to petrol, but it could generate lots of petrol vapour that gets lit by a spark elsewhere.

    Oil (or diesel) is much more dangerous on hot exhausts, as this will catch fire and burn.

    [Knowledge gained from working for Ricardo Consulting Engineers for many years, including being close to one or two engine fires on test beds. :eek:]
  17. Yep, the biggest cause of engine fires is oil, usually from someone leaving off the oil filler cap.

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