Frost Auto Restorations Ceramic Fuses

Discussion in 'Internal' started by mikedjames, Jul 1, 2020.

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    Following discussions about melting bullet fuses where as the fuse strip heats up, the plastic melts and the fuse squashes in the holder spring.

    So I ordered a pack of 20 fuses from Frost Auto Restoration at £1.60.
    2ytTotal including post and VAT was £4.38.

    And this arrived..

    The fur is real fur on our cat who is sitting on my lap.

    The 10 creamy bodied fuses _are_ ceramic. They make nasty noises when I try to scrape them with a knife.
    The 10 white bodied fuses are _plastic_ and can be cut with a knife.. thermal tests to follow...

    I shall get in touch with Frost's and see what they say.
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