Front Seatbelt Kit from Securon (Just Kampers)

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  1. *** This is my first "How To" and my first contribution to the forum, so hope all is ok! ***

    I picked up my van just a week ago, and although 99% of it is original, it worries me having the older style (non-inertia) seatbelts.

    So during the week I bought two Securon front seatbelt kits from Just Kampers.

    I fitted them this morning, and it really was very easy!

    First step was to remove the old seatbelts.
    A 17mm socket did everything!
    Don't throw anything away as you will need a washer and bolt from the old stuff.

    Follow the instructions and it's simple.

    The only thing I would say, is that on the bit that goes by your shoulder, use three washers to stop it rubbing on the frame.
    You use two washers from the kit, and then use one of the large washers from the old belts.

    I'll take some pics tomorrow as a picture tells a thousand words!

    All in all, highly recommended and a nice cheap, safe mod.
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  2. would just like to add to this. for money saving also just type SECURON 500/45 in ebay and youll find a saving of £20 in comparison to JK and most other sites.
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  3. Now you've done the seat belts, I suggest you replace your fuel lines, get filter out of the engine bay and replace the fuel breather hose pieces (unless they have already been done) and check out your brakes.

    The issue of fuel lines and breathers rotting and causing fires comes up all too frequently.
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  4. Forgot to mention, check the condition of the rubber steering coupling, mine and others had cracked ones which were dangerous.
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  5. I suspect he did that about 18 months ago, though fuel lines probably need doing again already
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  6. In my experience, when you buy an old vehicle its a must to check it out thoroughly and not assume the previous owner did anything, they often say they did the maintenance but maybe they didn't. Its your van now so its up to you.
  7. Zed

    Zed Gradually getting grumpier

    But this a "product review" thread specifically about front seat belts.
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  8. Sounds like I am being told to 'belt up'. I am out now.

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