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  1. Hi,
    Hopefully this is easy to answer.

    Having followed advice I have just got some replacement seatbelts from Wolfsberg West in the states. My van had the drivers and pasenger seatbelts but never had the middle lapbelt for the midde seat.

    When getting the belts I was told that It didn't need additional fixing points that the new middle belt should be looped between the existing bolts. Having thought about this, that advice doesn't seem right to me. The middle seat belt would need to pass from beside the drivers seat to the passenger door. Surely a new fixing point needs to be put in the floor under where the spare wheel would sit, so the belts would equidistance? Is this why I would need an addittional fixing plate to be wielded as some have told me? Not sure if I have asked that in a clear way, or weather the picture helps. The bottom left of the image is the rail taht the drivers seat sits on with the two fixing points, whiles the top of the image is the passenger fixing point.


    Thanks for your help
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    There's fixing points on the vertical section at the side of the wheel well/ seat tub!
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    if you look there are 2 plastic screw painted jaffa, undo them they are the second seatbelt points, you can buy seatbelts in this country, was there a particular reason you went for an American company ?
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  4. On your picture , just above the wheel castor there are two welded nuts . They are for the seat belt fixings .

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  5. Thanks for the help and the quick reply! Been trying to order a complete set of Seatbelts since November, but could never get a complete set from the same supplier at the same time. Popped down to VW Heritage the other week to see if the actually had stock and to look at black or tan. The guy there recommended them to me. Got all three seatbelts delivered for the price of one.

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