Front Door Panels

Discussion in 'Internal' started by andymoss, Jun 30, 2013.

  1. I can see that JustKampers do a pair of panels for £79.50 and VW heritage also do panels (which have holes already cut), but are £121.

    The website for JustKampers has a better description and photos look like the panel I am replacing. The VW heritage is not descriptive at all.

    I would normally use VW heritage as I have not had an issue with other parts.

    Has anyone got any useful information as to the best option as there is HUGE difference in the price.
  2. JK have been out of stock on the cheap ones for a long long time. They also have the proper holes and are very good for the money.
  3. I noted that they were out of stock, they say that there is 1-3 days. I think I'll go for the JK versions as I can always send them back if they are not good when I get them.
  4. I had a pair of them, I'm sure they are made by Newtons Commercial for them, really good factory look and if they made a whole set I would have gladly bought them!

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