Front door aluminium surounds and rubber scraper

Discussion in 'Panels, seals, doors etc' started by mfranklin, Aug 20, 2012.

  1. I have reskinned my doors and now plan to rebuild the glass etc, the original ally surrounds and rubber scrapers were shot so I need to buy new.
    Having fallen fowl of so many crap parts and the fact there seems to be loads of these surounds (all similar prices though at about £35 a side) I thought I would ask you guys if you have purchased some that fitted well or ones to avoid.
    The slots in the new door skins are slightly different to the slots in the original skins so I need to consider that !
  2. Think they're all fairly pants can modify the new ones to relocate the clip fixings...why someone doesn't just make quality repro parts bugs the sh*t out of me...
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  3. I will be buying these bits later this year hopefully and am not looking forward to fitting them.
  4. The originals were bad enough, but the repros really are a bit pants, even Heritage apologise as I buy them. lol
    However once very carefully and tenderly fitted they're ok. They come in brushed and polished still I think - make sure you get a matching pair. :)
  5. Thanks Zed. I've kept the originals but they're a bit bent. Useful to know about the different finishes.

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