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Discussion in 'Panels, seals, doors etc' started by Dave Franklin, Aug 1, 2019.

  1. Undecided as to which way to go with refurbing my "new" front beam. Is powder coat or painting the way forward?
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  2. JamesLey

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    If you can afford it powdercoat.
    I painted ours with 2K.

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  3. Somebody gave a valid point on another forum. That if the powder coat was stone chipped it could peel off and the beam left open to the elements
  4. Doesn`t matter which way you go with this , if it`s going to chip off it`ll chip off - powder coating or paint ...

    Have a look at Raptor - tough as it gets really ....

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  5. JamesLey

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    And give it a good coat of underbody wax.

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