Freedom for Libiya!

Discussion in 'Show Us Your Ride' started by julesd, Jul 8, 2020.

  1. ..... Or... I took my 1973 blue and white bay to see "back to the future" at the drive in!


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  2. Was it any good?

    don’t answer that, I’m going to see it two weeks ago! :)
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  3. Where was it?
  4. Bexleyheath

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  5. Meant to be some near me in Sheffield, just searched and they have finally announced the dates....cant make any of them!

    £42 per vehicle seems a bit much anyway
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  6. It's a great idea, but.... ow mooch?
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  7. Only 60 vehicles at those films, it's in a hotel grounds.

    Went to a drive in a few years back cost less, much bigger venue, more vehicles
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    where are they at @paulcalf Please?
  9. Kenwood Hall Hotel.

    Thelma & Louise
    Back to the future
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  10. It really was a one off... We have been locked indoors for far to long. Obviously, all the regular advantages of London are switched off at the moment, so it was worth it for the novelty. My daughter loved it too. I sat her on my buddy box between my seats with a 'plank o wood' and cushion back rest... Something different to do. We had a laugh.

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  11. Brilliant way to watch a film, I'm sure it was a memorable experience
  12. Great movie too, I have fond memories of watching (yes watching) with a girl friend, when it first came out.
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  13. Yeah... I think it's currently the most naughty words my 10 year old girl has heard in a film. I think I was watching her reactions just as much as the film.

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  14. Expensive movie, priceless memories :)
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  15. It would be fun until someone parks a big old camper in front of your car.
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  16. I got their very early, made sure to flag the staff and as you can tell, was put right over at the side. And then I shouted my support for the Libyans every time they were on the screen.


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  17. They stuck them at the back for the one I went to
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    thanks I will have a shufti :)
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  19. Excellent, we've been looking at doing a couple of these. Next Friday we are going to a drive in comedy show at Northampton Saints(in the carpark, not on the pitch).
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